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P.O. Box 173
Naples, Florida 34102-6706


My Legal Edge

MyLegal Edge is, at its core, a legal forms provider for all 50 states. We offer a comprehensive selection of legal forms for your legal needs.

About Us:

MyLegalEdge, LLC is a leading provider of online legal documents and forms. MyLegalEdge, LLC was formed by legal professionals who understand that most people find it difficult to locate the right document or form when it is needed and decided that it was time to empower online users by giving them quick and easy access to popular legal documents with just a few clicks on a computer. Our mission is to provide our customers with relevant information and quality forms that can be used for a variety of situations.


MyLegalEdge, LLC offers documents and forms in areas such as: Landlord/Tenant, Wills and Estates, Bankruptcy, and Power of Attorneys - just to name a few. Because we are committed to the quality of our docments and forms, we update our products on a regular basis according to specific state statutes. In addition to our form offerings, MyLegalEdge, LLC also provides completion services for select forms and documents.

Some Examples


Living Trust Forms

Premaritial Agreements

Power Of Attorney

Contractor Forms

Name Change Forms

Construction Liens

More Offerings

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