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A podcast to educate and inspire health and wealth within the 8 dimensions of wellness: 



Gaynell and Jill are sisters with expertise in the areas of physical and financial health. This podcast covers some of their candid, and at times humorous conversations between each other and interviewed experts in other domains locally and around the world. 

The intention of this podcast is to speak openly about different perspectives of shared experiences between women. These conversations are relatable and intended to heighten our ability to live a full and healthy life.  We hope each listener takes away a piece of information that makes their life feel more powerful!

Meet The Hosts


Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Manual Therapist, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Certified Health Coach, and cofounder of A Euphoric Living Foundation and SpelLIFE Women’s Wellness Summit.  

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Certified Financial Advisor CFP, Ciccarelli Advisory Services, IPEC Certified Coach and co-founder of A Euphoric Living Foundation and SpelLIFE Women’s Wellness Summit.

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Early Life

Jill and Gaynell are the two youngest of an Italian family with 7 children. They grew up with two loving parents who cherished God, emphasized education, and encouraged growth through experiential learning.

Gaynell Anderson


The driving force behind my interest in the healthcare industry was my parents. They not only instilled the importance of integrity, compassion, empathy, and honesty but lived by them every day. I was encouraged to find my passion and use whatever my gifted talent was to give back to my community. They believed that I could accomplish anything, especially with the backing of a strong belief in God, in people, and in myself.  I was taught that fear is the biggest obstacle towards growth and that it is in education and knowledge, that fear is distinguished.  My parents exposed us to a variety of educators, the most memorable to me (and my sister Jill) were holistic and alternative health healers. 

Fast forward a few (more than I would like to admit) years, and my experience in healthcare has been over thirty years. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my practice focuses on helping others promote holistic and preventive care, while avoiding the need for traditional reactive health care wherever possible. 

My greatest passion is the area of abdominal and pelvic health, with emphasis on improving the body’s natural recovery strength.  While the body is extremely intricate and complex, our path to tap into and control its optimal ability can be quite simple. Gaining balance in all areas of well-being that seem to parallel simple and respectful living is key. Through my years of practice in the field, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the power to improve health with a new enthusiasm for life that follows holistic and educational treatments.

My hopes are that through this Podcast, I can join others in learning about and providing accessible education and promote awareness to any who seek to enhance and optimize health through the 8 dimensions of wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Environmental, Leisure, Local, Intellectual, Financial and Emotional.

Jill Ciccarelli Rapps

I describe myself as a wellness seeker. As a child, we had a close family friend who was a renowned speaker and would travel the world and bring back the latest and greatest in wellness techniques for us to try, and I was in awe of the way they inspired me.  I knew then that I had a passion for discovering and sharing ways to live powerfully ~ living into our full potential.

My work as a financial consultant, and life coach with Ciccarelli Advisory Services has given me a unique perspective on how important it is to balance all eight dimensions of wellness to really be able to thrive.   I have gained a great deal of knowledge from my clients sharing their life journeys, and over the years I have found that those of us who take a proactive approach in their wellness have enormous improvements in the quality of life.  My greatest pleasure is to take everything I have learned (and continue to learn) and share it with others to experience a life “well-lived”.

As I have grown personally over time, so have my philosophies, wisdom, and values about wellness.  I am excited to learn and share with you as we dive deep into conversations during this SpeLLIFE podcast to help you and your family stay well! 


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