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9150 Galleria Ct, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34109

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Lorna Fedelem MD and Associates

Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates, is a Ms.Medicine-affiliated concierge care practice in the Naples, FL area. We are now accepting new patients!

About Us:

Lorna J. Fedelem, MD, a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician, has opened her new office, Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates in Naples, offering a concierge medicine model for women and men, with a focus on geriatric medicine, women’s health, and weight loss medicine. She also offers menopause consultations to discuss hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options based on scientific evidence. 


Dr. Fedelem helps her patients to manage chronic health issues, as well as emphasizes overall wellness. She has a special interest in cardiovascular disease prevention, osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment, cancer risk assessment, and stroke and diabetes education and management. She uses a comprehensive approach that focuses on lifestyle management and prevention.   


Lorna Fedelem, MD and Associates is an affiliate of Ms.Medicine, a national network of primary care providers practicing evidence-based medicine. The network was formed to address many complex needs (especially for women) that are often not addressed in traditional primary care settings due to lack of time and training.  


Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates opened in January 2021 and is currently accepting patients.  The office is located at 9150 Galleria Ct., Suite 200, Naples, FL, 34109 and the phone number is 239-580-6390.  Call to schedule a complimentary meet and greet with Dr. Fedelem.  Learn more at

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