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Episode 3 Chris Edwards


Chris is a fitness and wellness professional, with over 16 years of experience, specializing in personal fitness and wellness management. He is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in business management and a concentration in sports management. He holds multiple certifications and achievements in the fitness and wellness industry. He is an accomplished competitive power lift with 1,607 lbs raw pro total. He is the owner and founder of Tricore Wellness, a management company that specializes in high performance health coaching, nutrition, and online training. This company focuses on the personalization of training with the integration of technology. 

The fitness, health, and wellness industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years. With the emergence of technology and how it now plays a part in our everyday lives, leveraging how it can be used to help us connect with professionals that guide us to our goals is critical!  And with health and metabolic sciences having breakthroughs in research and findings every year, keeping up with these evolving scientific principles can be daunting.  Learn how TriCore Wellness has developed a system for managing complete health (Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery) while providing our clients the right strategies they need for habit change and accountability that drive long lasting results in health and performance! 


  1. What is a wellness company? (2:34)

    1.  Tricore uses 3 core elements that work synergistically: Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery

    2. Use technological data and body statistics to develop programs to reach your goal

  2. How do you monitor health/wellness? (6:30)

    1. Most people have some type of health device (apple watch, aura ring, fit bit, etc) but reading/understanding what they’re telling you can be daunting; TriCore helps people to digest information and coach to results

    2. Withings Body Cardio Scale (7:30) sends info to coach, which helps keep you accountable and create solutions to meet goals in the comforts of your own home 

      1. We discuss the importance of a scale as tool vs. the negative connotations associated with being on a scale (not just looking at progress of weight but also muscle mass, water, etc.)

  3. Metabolic optimization: optimizing each person’s metabolism as an individualized process (10:00)

    1. What do you feel when your metabolism is working optimally? Sleep great, great energy, reduced digestive issues, overall improved sense of well being

  4. What tools does TriCore use to assess wellness?

    1. Functional blood chemistry analysis (11:40)

      1. Uses red blood cell labs (which have a wide range). Try to narrow down to determine what is this person’s optimal range. 

    2. ALCAT food sensitivity testing

    3. Cellular nutrition assay (especially helps to optimize immune health)

      1. Some people do well with certain foods and other people to other foods

      2. Importance of individualized food plans- eat the best food for YOUR body!

  5. Recovery- Importance, why you need it (19:30)

    1. Central Nervous System- how your body is in “fight or flight” and “rest or digest”

    2. Monitoring your vitals and other tools will help us determine if a fitness strategy is achieving the desired result or not 

      1. Certain fitness styles can be over or under-stressing—managing this can assist in achieving a good balance and allowing for proper recovery to achieve results

    3. Additional stressors in your life can affect the type of fitness you need for that day/week

    4. Ability of coach to guide people through the process= Wellness Management (24:00)

    5. Teach a “heightened state of awareness” of your body (24:35), allows for proper education and understanding of fitness, nutrition, and recovery

  6. Chris walks us through a couple scenarios or examples of clients he has worked with (25:00)


If there was one thing you would tell our listeners to incorporate into their lives today, what would it be? Have an increased awareness of your food and your food choices (34:30)


Chris Contact Information:



Office: 239-877-1481

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