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A Discussion with Karen Campbell Wilkinson Author of "On Borrowed Breath"

Interview Karen Campbell Wilkinson, author of “On Borrowed Breath”, a memoir of Faith, Love, and Advocating through a health crisis.  Karen’s husband, an otherwise healthy 50-year-old Urologist was diagnosed with COVID-19, ultimately surviving following a double lung implant.  


In her book, Karen talks about her own experience through her journey to help her husband survive.  Through her writing, she provides, not only a story of perseverance, love, hope, and faith; she provides inspiration, advocacy for financial and medical preparation for “just in case”, strength in following your gut intuition, being mindful of “signs”, prayer, accepting help from friends and family, and taking care of yourself. This book is an inspirational guide for those who may find themselves in a challenging situation, who have already survived a challenging situation, or who have a loved one in a challenging situation.  

In this Podcast, we discuss:

  1. Karen’s motivation to share her story.

  2. Being mindful of the moment to notice signs of hope, mindful of intuition and “gut feelings” that may affect health and outcomes of care. 

  3. Getting prepared financially for a health crisis. 

  4. Getting prepared medically for a health crisis. 

  5. Accepting help from others.

  6. How to offer help for someone in a health crisis.

  7. Taking care of oneself as a caregiver and health advocate through a health crisis. 

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