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A non-profit organization sharing community wellness resources


Join us for coffee and a candid conversation and learn about the power of breath and how breath affects stress responses, belly fat and digestive health, overall strength and energy levels, brain clarity, and health longevity! Gaynell and Jill discuss What exactly is the muscle recovery system, otherwise referred to as our “core” muscle group. We learn the uniqueness of this group of muscles in its attributes and functional mechanisms that fundamentally influence all other functions in the body. 

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Sharing deep conversations, resources, and experiences to help Women thrive


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What is SpelLIFE?

SpelLIFE is dedicated to sharing knowledge from around the world, as well as local services available in Southwest Florida, that help women live physically, emotionally, and financially richer lives. Events and podcasts encompass speakers and community resources that inspire, educate, and center around the Eight Dimensions of Wellness - which SpelLIFE: Spiritual, Physical, Environmental, Leisure, Local, Intellectual, Financial, and Emotional.

SpelLIFE was founded in 2014 by

whose mission is to encourage individuals to a pro-active and preventive health and wealth approach to life.

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